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(Jason) The photo above is from the original ACL brochure and likely has nothing to do with Evel’s Jump, however I like to think that is where the photo was taken. His backpack radio is pretty sweet, too.

Camera Service Links:

PLEASE NOTE: Websites below in alphabetical order!

AZ Spectrum (NY, USA)


Owned and operated by Andrew Zorawski.  AZ Spectrum specializes in electronics.  Many techs on this page will repair on the mechanical parts but send cameras to Andrew for electronic issues.  AZ Spectrum also manufactures video assists, digital counters and crystal sync time controls for éclair cameras.


Cameras Pro (NV, USA)


Owned and operated by Guy Bodart.  Specializes in Bolex repair and conversion but also works on many camera brands including éclair.




Cinetinker, Cameraquip (Melbourne, Australia) Dom Jaeger is the camera/lens technician with mainly Arri/Bolex training but some knowledge of éclairs and Dom has ACL and NPR parts, manuals, and his workshop has the collimators and test tools to perform checks and do a basic service. cinetinker[at]


Du-All Camera (NY, USA)


George Gal is the owner and technician with over 45 years experience in repairs, modifications and lenses. His company, Du-All Camera, has over 40 years of experience in repairs, sales, and rentals of motion-picture & digital equipment including cameras, lenses and accessories.


Lee’s Cameras (UK)


Les Bosher (UK)


He offers repair service, conversions and accessories for éclair cameras.  In addition, he specializes in lens conversions, mounts and adapters and his shop has CNC equipment capable of machining custom parts.


Pro Video Film (TX, USA)


Offers repair services for film cameras, video cameras, lenses, tripod heads, all VCR’s and VTR’s, including digital format equipment. Also offers precision machining services and custom fabrications by factory-trained technicians.




Super-16, Inc. is owned and operated by Berny O’Doherty.  Bernie worked for éclair from 1969 to 1975 as chief technician.  He provides full service repair and conversion for all éclair cameras.  His exclusive Laserbrighten process increases brightness 1-2 stops through the viewfinder.


Van Diemen Films (UK)


Van Diemen is a full service camera company, also offering custom accessories for éclair such as matte-boxes and lens mounts.  Performs Super16 conversion for both cameras and lenses.


Visual Products (OH, USA)


Visual Products sells, manufactures and services a variety of film cameras and support gear.  Paul Scaglione is the resident éclair specialist.  Paul has received training at Arriflex, Panavision, Alan Gordon Enterprises, Cooke Optics, and Victor Duncan Inc.


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