Tricked-out ACL

Tricked-out ACL

The éclair ACL is a 16mm film camera originally manufactured from 1971 through the mid 1980’s. Production of the camera ended after éclair was acquired by Aaton; however, TUPA, the ACL remains today one of the smallest professional sync sound film cameras available. The stock ACL shoots standard 16mm film but can be converted to Super-16 for shooting HD or 35mm blowup. Relative to the more famous brands such as Arriflex and Aaton, éclair cameras offer an affordable choice for shooting on film.

The very first ACL at photokina 1972

Today éclair cameras continue to be used on indie productions and are a practical option for cinematographers who prefer to own their gear. The ACL also has one of the most flexible lens mount systems available and intermediate adapters are made for nearly every professional lens mount including PL, Arri, Arri B, Canon, and Nikon.

If you own, or are considering purchasing a used éclair ACL, this site contains a wealth of information for evaluating, operating and maintaining these cameras.  The ACL is supported by camera techs around the world and has an active user community on the forums. Links to both are found on the Resources & Links page.

éclair has an interesting company history and the design of the ACL camera evolved over time.  A complete historical time-line can be found on the ACL History page.

ACL II with the early Angénieux VF mounted

Jose's ACL

A latest made ACL II (Photo courtesy of Mr. Jose Aurio, TUPA FILMS, NY)

More information can be found here: Eclair ACL 16mm Motion-Picture Camera